Are You Being Catfished??



Catfishing in the Pandemic



Now that we are all living online, we are encountering a villain we know all too well.

The Catfish.


Popularized by the documentary and television series Catfish, this phenomenon is taking the world by storm.. again. Since most of you are on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, I am sure you have encountered your fair share of catfish. Typically using a fake or blank photo, these profiles are always too good to be true. A quick image-reverse search and you can tell if the person you’re talking to is a catfish.

They are everywhere, now more than ever. Because of our current health crisis in the world, people have more time to hide behind the guise of a catfish. They have more incentive to stay home and trick people into an emotional connection. MTN Matchmaking finds this disgusting. Catfishing is a violating and deceiving act.

If you follow the tv series, you probably have seen that the type of people who typically catfish, have some mental health issues that have gone untreated or misdiagnosed. They use catfishing as an outlet to live another life; disassociating from their reality. It’s truly unfortunate, but we have to remember that although they are victims of the mental health crisis in America, they are also victimizing others.

Right now, we need to focus on moving on from internet dating. It’s time to leave the typical structure of these apps like swipes and hearts, in the past. They are not very effective. You need to find a Matchmaker that will do your compatibility and personality assessments for you, personally. Joining MTN Matchmaking makes dating in the pandemic much simpler than an app could ever do. We do all the work for you! We offer dating coaching and many programs to choose from. We have the solution to catfishing, and it’s called MTN Matchmaking.




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