April 2022: MTN Matchmaking is Celebrating 21 years of Matchmaking!

We are happy to announce that we now have over 3000 wonderful clients!! While many of them are on hold with one another, we are delighted to see how many new clients have joined this year. Perhaps it is attributed to the pandemic and most singles are being more proactive in finding love and are telling us they no longer wish to be alone or maybe it is due to all of the new features we are offering our singles on Long Island and New York. We have been blessed to have been the recipient of many awards more so than any other year. We are all thrilled to facilitate love and joy to all of our 3000 clients.


Here at MTN Matchmaking, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of executive-level matchmaking services to our clients. Our team goes above and beyond to tailor each and every matchmaking experience to you, ensuring that you have the very best chances of finding that special someone. We offer hand-selected matches, dating coaching, holiday events, and personal interviews with the owner, Maureen Tara Nelson, virtually or in person in our Melville, NY office. Maureen Tara Nelson knows the two components of finding the perfect match are chemistry and compatibility, which is her specialty. MTN Matchmaking, Inc. will show you why internet dating is ineffective in achieving those romantic goals and why our matchmaking services are your best option for finding your perfect soulmate.

We congratulate Maureen Tara Nelson on her now 21st year of successful matchmaking and personally matched thousands of singles across Long Island and Manhattan. If you are ready for love and commitment, MTN Matchmaking services are here for you. At MTN Matchmaking, we consider our 3000 clients like family. We are honored to be called when clients have news, whether it is good or bad, and are blessed to be there for them. If you are one of our success stories, please contact us and give us an update on how you are doing by calling 516-444-2861. For any former clients that might have tried our program over the past 21 years, we invite you to discuss coming back and to hear all the new features we have to help you become one of our success stories.


With our new increase in the finest singles on Long Island, we are expanding our team! A Bachelor’s degree is required, in addition to the desire to go above and beyond to help our clients find love.

Please join us in celebrating our owner’s 21st year of matchmaking!



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