All Work and No Play



Many of my clients are very successful; busy business people. What I recommend to everyone is when you are at work give 100% to what you do… On your way home from work as you are driving or on the train, this is when you should spend your time trying to concentrate on relaxing and changing your mindset from work mode to play mode. Yes, I said play mode.

Dating is fun and the best way to approach it is with a playful attitude and by leaving work where it belongs – at work!


Some of my clients exercise once they get home, shower and then by the time they go on their date or meet their girlfriend or boyfriend, they have already changed their mindset into play mode. Exercise definitely helps in doing this.

Listening to your favorite radio station and your favorite songs as you are driving home also helps. Practice envisioning in your mind how much fun this date is going to be…


What everyone should always remember is to begin putting out the positive energy on the way to your date and tell yourself over and over what a great time you are going to have. Remind yourself how much fun it is to meet new people and to expand your horizons into learning new activities that your partner is interested in and that he or she can introduce you to.

When you are on your date, the only thing in your mind should be that person you are with. Keep looking for good things about that person. Complement that person every time you see them do something that you like or admire.


Laugh and laugh hard at everything they say that is funny. Appreciate the person you are with because nothing in this world is worse than loneliness.

By appreciating that person and letting them know you appreciate them will bring you both closer and closer each time you meet.

I hope that helps you transition from work mode to play mode which what other people call “date mode!”


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