5th Annual Long Island Beauty Ball for Cancer Care!



Join us on October 28th, 2019 for the 5th Annual Long Island Beauty Ball!


As many of you may know, Maureen Tara Nelson, the owner, and CEO of MTN Matchmaking survived cancer six years ago. It all started with her regular visit to the doctor due to her sister in law, and four close friends being diagnosed. But it was a breast examination and a sonogram that led to her diagnosis of breast cancer. Because of her early diagnosis, she was able to avoid chemotherapy, although she endured a double mastectomy and reconstruction through a stomach-flam surgery.

Most people these days avoid going to the doctor because of self-breast examinations. Even though they can be effective, statistically the use of self-examinations leads to the avoidance of doctor appointments. Maureen’s tumor was too small to feel or see on a mammogram; It only was visible in a 3D sonogram.

Join us this month in our celebration of survival and endurance of this horrible disease. MTN Matchmaking and Monday’s at Racine is committed to raising awareness and continuing the conversation. Find tickets for the Beauty Ball at https://mondaysatracine.crowdchange.co/8956/donate?fbclid=IwAR2SIQvz3ZqcmvacJjDhjuNWaZnNUBgD-yEBc8rvlsr4WNCpPnTvVjXEmpk.


MTN Matchmaking is on the committee for the Long Island Beauty Ball. Make sure you stop by our booth for our prizes, gifts, and raffles for all survivors and those battling cancer now.


Monday’s at Racine’s Statement:

“Funds raised at this event go directly towards services that are specifically designed to help those fighting cancer, all at no cost to the patient. To be able to continue to provide this type of support, we need your help. Every dollar donated, 88cents is put to use immediately but we can’t do this alone.

Please join us at the Long Island Beauty Ball as we honor our brave and beautiful patients and volunteers. Working together we can ensure that there will always be a place, for those battling cancer, to find respite from the ravages of this awful disease.”

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