5 Ways to Know for Sure that You’re Meeting a Real Matchmaker by Maureen Tara Nelson


1. How Long Have they Been in the Matchmaking Business?

I’ve been a Matchmaker in the Matchmaking industry for over 16 years! I have owned my own Matchmaking business for over 11 years.

2. Do You Meet them in their Office? How Long Have they Been in the Same Office?

Some fly by night companies meet you in a coffee place because they do not have the money or the overhead for an actual office. That’s a big red flag!!!

I have a NYC office as well as a Melville, Long Island office. Melville is our main office and I’ve had the same office for the past 11+ years. You will meet with me, the owner, personally for a FREE consultation.

3. Success rate? Should be Proof in the Office (Testimonials)

I have over 1000 success stories-which I stopped counting after the 1000 mark. And yes, you will see many of the pictures and thank you cards when you come into our office. My success in Matchmaking is due to the fact that it is my passion and my life!

4. How Do they Match? Does a Computer Program do the Work?

The most popular computer program for Matchmakers is called dating pro, and most matchmakers use it…Ask them! If so, you are literally paying a fortune for a computer to do the work just like internet sites do at a fraction of the cost. Or does the Matchmaker do the matching?

I personally match all of my clients by using my private system of hand selected matches, which leads to “precise dating.” It obviously works hence my 1000+ success stories.

5. What is the Matchmaking Based Upon? (or do they just send you anyone? Or is it based upon a system?)

I use my personal system that I came up with from my 16+ years of being in the Matchmaking industry as well as previously being a pharmaceutical representative. I match my 2000+ clients based upon 3 parts of compatibility. How do I do that? You’ll find out on your complimentary consultation with me personally

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