5 Things To Do Before Summer 2019



Summer is upon us.

Before the beach days, wine tours, and single events, your body and mind need to be prepared.

It’s time to treat yourself!


  1. Go to the Spa: Get a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage. You need to soothe your body from all ends and doing a “Spa Day” with your friends is the perfect way to treat your tension. Splurge and get the 60-minute full body massage and Microdermabrasion, it’s worth it and will leave you feeling completely new.
  2. Getting a wax can be embarrassing. If going with your girlfriends helps curb your anxiety, then god bless. I’ll be going alone in sunglasses, completely anonymous. Men listen up. Get an eyebrow shape up. Whether it be waxing, or threading, getting your bushy brows trimmed show you care about your appearance.
  3. Tanning is bad for your skin. Don’t go into the sun without SPF moisturizer or sunblock. For the love of god, do not put regular sunblock on your face. It’s greasy and horrible for your pores. Neutrogena has the perfect low-SPF (15-30) moisturizer for everyday use, but you could also just use raw shea butter. If you absolutely must tan, use a low SPF to gain your base, and fill in the rest with a tinted tanning moisturizer, your skin will thank you.
  4. Start working out now! You don’t have to start big and hire a trainer. If you’re a gym amateur, start by biking or jogging to the gym to jumpstart your workout. Smoothies with random veggies or fruits are the perfect way to start your day, putting your best foot forward towards a balanced mind and body.
  5. Mental health is extremely important. Therapeutic meditation apps are perfect for downtime and relaxation. They give us time to regroup and assess our priorities by clarifying and putting our psyche at ease. Going to a psychologist doesn’t have to be difficult; Talkspace is an app that connects you with a mental health professional that you can have appointments on your phone.



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