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5 Dangers & Concerns of Online Dating that You Need to Know!


5 Dangers & Concerns of Online Dating that You Need to Know!


    1. Requirements are Always Asked for, but Never Used!

When creating your profile, they will always ask for certain requirements such as age and location range. When looking at most of your matches, 99% of them are not in your age range nor are they even located in New York! My newest client, unfortunately, experienced this a week before she signed up here! Why ask for requirements when they will not be used? While it is very important to have an open mind here at MTN Matchmaking Inc, it is just as important that we listen to our clients when it comes to what they are seeking in a partner. When being a part of this exclusive program, it is essential that you always remember, that we are a team through this amazing journey of finding love!

    1. Very Poor-Quality Photos!

This is a typical problem when it comes to all dating sites! Not only do you have the option to add low-quality photos, but you are also at liberty to not even add a photo of yourself if you do not want to. To me, this is me, this is not beneficial at all. Why should you talk to anyone if they are not even willing to add a photo of themselves? Here at MTN Matchmaking Inc., all photos are accurate and up to date. We want your process here to be efficient and successful with a clear understanding of who you will be meeting!

    1. Are You Looking for a Committed Relationship?

Since there is no screening process on these sites, you will never know what your match’s intentions are. We hold a very unique screening process here at MTN Matchmaking Inc. Your match will always be financially and emotionally stable, seeking a committed relationship, and of course, must have a clear background check! Safety is our number one priority, as well as being compatible with one another. All requirements must always be met to be considered for our exclusive program. This screening process is the beginning of our success stories here at MTN Matchmaking Inc.!


    1. Waste of My Time

Within your first few nights of joining internet dating, you will always have an overwhelming number of notifications and messages! After a long day of work, the last thing you will want to see is either a match that does not fit your requirements or messages that are so disturbing you wish you never opened them! Time after time, many people begin to feel emotionally and mentally exhausted from this process. It’s too much work with hardly any positive outcomes! At MTN Matchmaking Inc, not only do we do all the work for you, but we will take care of you as well. Your job is to just say yes or no! In our elite program, we only accept the most eligible and respectful singles out there! Our program is a refreshing change from the outside dating world!


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