35+ Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist by UPJOURNEY.COM


The moment they feel that you love them, they start to slowly knock you off that pedestal


      • Was it an instant attraction? Did he make you feel fantastic right from the beginning by touching/hugging/kissing you?
      • Did you feel a euphoric feeling when you thought of him? Did his compliments make you feel like you were on a pedestal?
      • Did he go out of his way just to see you? Making any excuse and changing all of his plans so you could be together?
      • In the beginning, did all of the conversations revolve around you not giving any information about yourself?
      • Did he promise you the world and talk about making plans with you a year from now?


That is a narcissist and this is what happens:

      • He stops going out of his way to see you, sees you less and less, and makes excuses for why he can’t make it.
      • He stops asking about you and how you feel and makes the conversations revolve around him and his needs?
      • Your ideas are now stupid, and things are now his way or no way.


Why does this happen? When it comes to dating, the fact that opposites attract is very true. Even more important is that dating your opposite is the worst thing for you. If you are a kind and loving person, your opposite can typically be a narcissist.

What is the one telltale sign of dating a narcissist?


Once they have you up on the pedestal and you are thinking that you hit the jackpot, the moment the narcissist feels that you love them, it is at this point that they realize they can do anything due to your love and devotion. Then they start to slowly knock you off that pedestal.

You are left thinking, “What did I do wrong?” “Did I gain weight?” “Am I not attractive anymore?”

You will soon begin to think that it is because of you why the relationship changed. Why? Because they will tell you it is you. It is not you, you are simply dating a narcissist, and they will make you think it’s all your fault.

What can you do when you’re faced with the knowledge that you are dating a narcissist? My answer is very simple, run. You will never change a narcissist. It would take years of therapy, and that is even if the narcissist wants to be helped. The odds of that happening are very slim.

Just know that you did nothing wrong, and you need to be strong enough to move on to find someone that you will be compatible with.



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