For years Dan’s Papers has Recognized MTN Matchmaking for its Excellence!


We at MTN Matchmaking are honored to be reader’s choice for Best Matchmaker on Long Island, again by Dan’s Papers. Since 2013, MTN has won Best Matchmaker on Long Island in platinum, gold, and silver and we are honored to continue this legacy. Long Island’s Matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson won each year based upon her hand selected Matchmaking services, integrated dating coaching, and single events. This leads her to success in both Long Island counties and Manhattan.

She is a perfectionist, yet compassionate; straightforward and honest, yet kind in her approach. One of MTN’s most recent success stories states that the “dating coaching” aspect of the program is what made the process of finding love so easy. “She is more than just your Matchmaker, she is also going to guide you with the necessary advice you need to hear in order to be your best.”

If you are single and living on Long Island with Valentine’s day approaching, now is the perfect time to raise the bar and check out MTN Matchmaking’s service at 631-577-7940.

Matchmaking now for 16 years and having over 2000 of the best of the best singles on Long Island, “it is my honor to match up my great quality clients,” says Nelson.

Thank you again Dan’s Papers!

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