Why Dating Sites Don’t Work

Why Dating Sites Don’t Work

Dating apps make a lot of promises when you sign up. They talk about how many potential matches you will have access to and how easy it is to find love. It seems like they’ve got the whole dating game all figured out, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, these apps and sites aren’t always as effective as they might like you to believe. Instead of being your ticket to a lifetime of happiness, they are more often sources of disappointment, stress, and sometimes even disturbing or scary encounters.

So, why don’t dating sites work?

Because they’re extremely superficial

For the most part, dating sites and apps focus on one thing over all others – looks. These are digital spaces where toxic beauty and body standards run riot and create and incredibly superficial environment in which you’re supposed to meet and connect with new people.

Looks obviously play a part in dating, that much it true. But they are only one part of a much broader and more complicated picture. Whilst dating sites are great at showcasing peoples looks, they are often lacking in almost all other areas. The fact is that a few pictures and a tiny bio are simply not enough information to really judge compatibility on.

This is why dating apps can often result in lots of dates, or even short-lived flings, but rarely manage to facilitate long-term, stable relationships. They are just too superficial to be able to match people in any kind of meaningful way.

Because they make dating a game

Yes, we know that it’s sometimes actually called ‘the dating game’, but the truth is a bit more serious than that. Dating involves big helpings of human emotion and vulnerability, the kind of fragile things which you really don’t want to be playing games with.

The problem with dating sites and apps isn’t just that they are superficial, but also that they turn the whole process of mercilessly judging people by their looks into a game! With bright colours and easy to use functions, you can swipe your way right to being desensitised and subconsciously forgetting that the people who you are judging in every split second are actual human beings.

This process is known as gamification, and it’s used across many industries to make what might other wise be mundane or emotionally difficult tasks easier and more addictive. In the case of dating, by removing the humanity of potential matches and just presenting the bare minimum information, these sites and apps can stop you feeling bad for brutally judging other people and make you want to do all day long.

Clever right? But perhaps also just a little bit unnerving…

Because they have fake profiles

The internet has brought us many incredible things. However, many of those things can be used for both good and bad purposes, and anonymity is a perfect example of this. Though it allows people to publish great works under pen names and oppressed communities to find safe spaces without fear of being caught, it also allows people to hide behind blank profiles and the safety of their keyboards. Take one look at the comments section of any website and you will see this phenomenon in action, but dating sites in particular are a popular forum for this kind of digital dishonesty.

From using fake pictures to lying about their age, people can make themselves look however they want on many dating sites and apps, and you have little or no way of confirming anything they say or claim. This, in a worst-case scenario, can be incredibly dangerous. But even when things aren’t quite so serious, fake profiles can make the experience of online dating frustrating, challenging, and upsetting.

Not exactly the kinds of emotion you want to be feeling when you’re chatting to your next potential partner, right?

Fake profiles don’t destroy the potential of online dating sites completely, but they do make the experience less enjoyable and, frankly, less effective. And the problem is that there is very little that can be done about them. Without a dedicated team ensuring that everyone is who they say they are and then hand-picking matches for you, there will likely never be a reliable way to avoid coming across those profiles that are trying to sell you something or pull a scam.

So, what’s the alternative?

Executive Matchmaking is the solution

Dating sites don’t work because they just aren’t specific or rigorous enough. How can you expect a dating service to match you with the future love of your life if there are almost no profile checks and the only parameters anyone is looking at is how attractive someone looks in the 3 pictures they’ve uploaded?

Specialized matchmakers like MTN Matchmaking do things a little differently and, in providing their executive level services, bypass so many of the common problems with dating apps and sites. With fully screened and checked clients, matched using a unique and highly sophisticated process, MTN can deliver matches and dates that are based on so much more than the superficial, unreliable, and limited information offered by online dating sites.

This is Matchmaking that works, and MTN have decades of experience and over 1000 successful matches made to prove it.

So, if you’re fed up with the endless disappointment of online dating apps, with their superficial standards and fake profiles, why not give executive, personalized Matchmaking a try?

Get in touch. We look forward to your call!

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