Valentine’s Day Questions


I’m worried that I’m getting my hopes up, but I don’t want to be let down and underwhelmed

“My boyfriend and I have only been dating for like 4 months… Should I expect him to go all out on Valentine’s Day this soon? I’m worried that I’m getting my hopes up, but I don’t want to be let down and underwhelmed.” (41, Long Island)


Well, you are 41 and have been dating for longer than three months. When we are older and dating, things get serious very fast because of our maturity. There’s nothing wrong with that. And if you are clearly expecting something special for Valentine’s Day, then your partner should be picking up on that. If he isn’t, he isn’t an observant partner, and maybe he isn’t right for you. Partners have to be intuitive when listening to their significant other.

If this holiday flops, make sure to sit down with him and explain how you need to be listened to more. If he doesn’t see what he’s missing out on, he’ll just have to miss out on you. Make sure to tune into the social media of MTN Matchmaking for our Valentine’s Day Bash on Long Island!

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