Valentine’s Day is On the Way!


Valentine's Day is On the Way!

If your New Year’s resolution is to find love, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, we at MTN Matchmaking want to help you! Remember Valentine’s day is just another day, but it is every day at MTN Matchmaking. We work our hardest to match our clients with the best singles on Long Island. April will mark our 20th year in business, and we have just won Best of Long Island’s contest for Best Dating Service for 2021!

Who would you want to put your love life in the hands of and control your destiny? Have you ever noticed that the online dating sites are all the same with no screening process and fake accounts? All of our clients have passed a felony background check, are positive, financially stable and looking for a committed relationship. You can feel confident with every person you meet from us because we do a thorough screening process on all of our clients.

The best part about dating with us is that you don’t even have to leave your house to find someone now! During this pandemic we are offering virtual interviews and virtual dating. We do all the work for you! MTN Matchmaking has become an expert in virtual dating, which will give you a safe way to meet other people that have been screened already for you! We have implemented new ways to meet people and how to be successful in the New Year.

We are already busy planning a fantastic Valentine’s Day for singles! Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day or any day you need some love during lockdown:

Buy flowers for yourself!

Flowers always make everyone feel better. When you have plants or flowers around it can make you feel alive and loved all on their own. Flowers bloom positivity and happiness into one’s life. This is our mission, to spread positivity to all singles for Valentine’s Day!

Dance and feel sexy!

Put on your favorite dress or some sexy lingerie. By gaining confidence and feeling sexy you can empower yourself, which will exude confidence! Dancing to your favorite song in your sexiest outfit will always lift your spirits and make you more positive! Maybe light some candles too! Candles always make people feel good and bring light to your mood.

Find your favorite Photo of yourself!

Find the best photo of yourself when you were in your prime and post it up on your wall or maybe your mirror! Look at it every single day and remind yourself that you are beautiful both inside and out. Doing this will increase your self-esteem and make you shine to the world! If you look at the picture of yourself everyday it can build the motivation to feel and look that way again!

Don’t be shy and have fun with any way you choose to love yourself! No one can love someone else without loving themselves first! All of us at MTN Matchmaking are eager to help any singles on Long Island who wants to meet their valentine this year. Call us today at 516-444-2861 to schedule a free virtual consultation with our owner, Maureen Tara Nelson, and find love in 2021!



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