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New Year’s Resolutions


We at MTN Matchmaking have hundreds of clients out dating tonight. Before they signed up, they told me they used to prefer staying in on Saturday nights watching TV with their dog ? or pet…

Every January when singles make a New Year’s resolution to find love, it can be a little scary…

How do I find someone? What if I get hurt? What if he’s a player? What if she’s a Gold digger? How do I find her? What if I find a guy and he’s married? What if I fall in love and find out he’s a narcissist? What if I fall for her and she doesn’t feel the same?


STOP ?❤️


These are all excuses. Sure, they keep you safe from getting hurt. “It’s really not that bad staying in on Saturday nights cuddling with your dog’s watching your favorite TV shows.” Have you ever said that to yourself?

Our clients used to say it too, but in order to have different results, you need to do something different.


?With our screening process, you will be safe, unlike Internet dating sites.

?With our compatibility assessment, you will feel more at ease meeting new people because they will already be compatible with you in three ways.

?We also all need chemistry…So you will see exactly what this person looks like before you meet them. We believe in showing photos first, some matchmakers don’t.

?You won’t be as nervous because you’ll hear his voice when he calls you to set up the date.

?You don’t have to try to figure out where to go or what to do because we have that all laid out for you.

?Then you’ll meet for about an hour and a half for lunch or brunch on the weekends or a drink or two after work.

?During the day you will get butterflies in your stomach… We can’t stop that! We don’t want to try to stop that!

? The next day you might get nervous again because you’re going to go out on a second date… But we will help you with that too… You will call your dating coach or our certified dating coach Stacie, and you’ll ask any questions that you might have. You’ll feel much more at ease after your dating coach talks with you.

?You’ll have a second date and you’ll feel those butterflies again and realize that it actually feels good to have butterflies.

?If you need your dating coach again, you will call her, and she will help you…

?Then you’ll have your third date together and you’ll both notice that you’re not nervous anymore with each other, and that’s because you’re already compatible.

?If you still feel the butterflies on the third date, that’s fantastic, because that means you truly have chemistry.

You will most likely want to go on hold with each other to see where this will lead to. If you don’t feel the butterflies, no worries, you’ll stay friends because of how compatible you both are, and you will receive another match soon?


?What do you feel like doing next Saturday night? ?

?Call us at 631-577-7940 or 516-444-2861?

?I’ve been Matchmaking Long Island’s singles for over 18 years with over 1000 success stories and have the finest singles on Long Island already here just waiting to meet you?

So, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

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