Matchmakers with No Photos? Yikes..



Scammed Singles


At MTN Matchmaking we always show photos; Some matchmakers in New York City and Long Island don’t show photos and if they offer you any other complimentary service like location matching, it all falls short. It’s also an ethical issue as well. When you don’t show the photos, charge up to $2000, and don’t service their location needs, it could be a scam.


Numerous singles come to MTN Matchmaking informing us on Matchmaking scams with edgy names for a pull and their advertising on Spotify and Facebook to lure lonely people into their money pit.

Don’t fall for it!

Maureen Tara Nelson does hand selected matches for her client base of 2000 professionals, matches them to your compatibility, location, and offers dating coaching! Don’t be fooled! Come to MTN Matchmaking and find your soulmate!



Call 1-888-31-MATCH

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