Fitness Check-In


Hi singles friends!

January is over! This is where you’re hopefully starting to see the results of your New Year’s training plan, are having trouble sticking to it, or have completely abandoned it. Which of these is you?

If you’re starting to see your goals materialize, do something nice for yourself. Buy a new outfit, have a celebratory dinner, or have a cheat day and then get back to work. It’s important to build in rewards along your journey to keep your enthusiasm and spirit upbeat.

If you find yourself having trouble sticking to the plan you set back in January don’t quit! Take a moment to re-evaluate things and make adjustments that make sense. Maybe lower the frequency or intensity of your sessions or don’t cut so many calories? Maybe you need to do something different for cardio that you enjoy more? Maybe you need a partner and can’t do it alone? Maybe you need a trainer or need to join a more motivating gym?

If you have completely abandoned your program altogether why? Were your goals too ambitious? Did you start it and become too sore and gave up ? Were you too bored? Did you just set large goals with no daily goals or systems to get there?

It’s time to shift gears. Find some inspiration, adjust, and hit February with optimism. A solid fitness program may not need to be more than 15-20 minutes a day 3 to 5 days a week.


Fitness is a mind, body, soul thing. Make sure your goals encompass each.

> Drink more water.
> Get a proper amount of sleep.
> Meditate at least once a day.
> Make sure your program includes both cardiovascular and weight training.
> Yoga is a great way to add stretching to your program.
> Eliminate checking your phone for at least 15 minutes before bed and after waking.
> Include some nature time outside whether for a walk, meditation, or any way you can. When possible take your shoes off and feel the earth underneath you.
> Always be reading a book, even if you can only pick it up in the downtime increments of your daily life.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like us to recommend our fitness coach.

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