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New Year’s Eve this year may be different from what you would typically experience. With restaurants and bars closing their doors at 10pm, it seems as though there are not many places to celebrate the end of this very long and unfortunate year. While some single individuals are content in their relationship status, others are single but not by choice. This can make New Year’s Eve an awkward evening for some to be endured or ignored.

Typically, New Year’s shines a spotlight on couples at the expense of single individuals however, this year single or not, people should avoid kissing each other and be socially distant! In order to control the spread of coronavirus we urge you to stay safe and know that you are not missing out on a New Year’s kiss this year.

If you plan on celebrating with people, this year make sure you know how to stay safe and enjoy being with the people around you. With a year like 2020 we all can agree that the people we have in our lives are important to appreciate while we still can. Whether New Year’s Eve is a night in with single friends, or an early evening at home, the beginning of a New Year is a chance to turn the page and get ready for whatever lies ahead.

This New Year let us all make a New Year’s resolution, especially when being single, to be nice with everything we do. I can almost guarantee you in all cases you will get better results in all your relationships and hopefully meet someone just as nice as you. It is hard to stay positive in hard times like these, but it is exceptionally valuable to try your best and be kind to others.

Who wants to join us in 2021 being the nicest, kindest singles while using our services and speaking with others in our everyday lives? When you are single and working with a Matchmaker it is important to be respectful and positive, those who are will find success much easier. Let us all be our best this New Year and find love in 2021!


Have a Healthy and Happy New Year,

From the MTN Matchmaking Family


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