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Whenever you get home from work, you probably realize all the possible ways you can improve your living space, skincare, makeup, and overall energy, but never end up doing it.

Instead of procrastinating your best self, write a list of ways you can improve the wellness of your life and space.

  1. Make sure to wash your face every morning and night, DO NOT skip moisturizer | Find a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that work well with your skin. I suggest water gel cleansers and hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers for all skin types. Even if you have oily skin, this regimen balances the ph and oil in your skin really well.
  2. Luxurious Skin Care: Sometimes it isn’t worth it. Stick to the $10-$35 for all skin care in CVS and you’ll be fine. If you have acne-prone skin, consult a dermatologist about using tea tree and frankincense oils on your face. Sometimes they can be too acidic and you might want to dilute them with water to witch hazel.
  3. Get a Robe! Whether fluffy or silky, a robe to comfort and lounge in is perfect for when you’re wearing a face mask.
  4. Face Masks: CVS is perfect for $4 tubes of clay, gel, or a sheet. Charcoal, Vitamin C, and Retinol are my favorite sheet masks because they pack in the moisture while, toning and evening out my skin. P.S. Lip Masks are worthless, just use a lip scrub and some vitamin E oil/lip balm.
  5. Feet and Hand Masks! Yes, it sounds very dumb. But, in the long run, you can always tell somebody’s age from their hands and their neck. A key point: make sure to utilize these right after a manicure and pedicure.
  6. Make sure to carry around a facial mist! Whether store-bought or homemade, a facial mist is essential. If you have oily skin, a witch hazel based mist could be right for you. It does have around 13% alcohol in it, so be wary of dryness if you use it in the winter. If you have dry skin like me, an alcohol-free witch hazel-rose water combo should be perfect.
  7.  Get an essential oil diffuser and a bunch of specialized candles for relaxation and invigoration. Focus on the lavenders and eucalyptus oil based combinations. Sage and Palo Santo are really effective in clearing your rooms of negative spirits and energies. Palo Santo smells better, Burnt Sage just smells like very bad weed.

I hope these tips will brighten up your winter and moisturize all the dry patches on your face 😉

Happy Healing



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