Dating During Divorce



Is it too soon?


The main reason MTN says that you shouldn’t date while divorcing

The main reason MTN says that you shouldn’t date while divorcing or separating is that you’re still amongst their presence and energy. If you’re still living together during your separation and divorce, entering the dating scene is not recommended. It’s too conflicting and confusing, like living double lives. As Wendy Williams says, “You’re still married.” I’m sorry if it’s a controversial opinion, but anything can happen during that intermittent period. If you sleep and date around, it could ruin your potential reconciliation.

When it comes to the post-divorce period, finding yourself is the key to happiness and healing. Although some people would say to take a break from dating to #DateYourself, I would argue that getting your feet wet is imperative to retaining your ability to date and socialize. Waiting to date and socialize will only delay and weaken your ability to branch out and meet people. If your previously divorced and now live separately MTN Matchmaking is perfect for you. MTN caters to previously divorced young and middle-aged adults who are newly single. Getting your feet wet with MTN is the perfect way to get back in the game and find your true love!



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