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In any context, when a woman takes charge and controls a situation, she is called a bitch. In reality, she’s most likely a boss, and she’s bossing up. But because of misogynistic systems in place within business and society, she is viewed as a bitch because she dares to take control in an environment that is controlled by men. Listen, women are powerful, they have the ability to have children, change the world, and create. But because of nasty misogyny, women are held back from their potential because men are insecure about losing power.

Maureen Tara Nelson, the CEO and President of MTN Matchmaking is sometimes called a bitch. What most people don’t know is when she walks into work every morning she has to manually boss-up because it does not come naturally for her. She takes ‘bitch’ as a compliment when it comes to being the CEO of MTN Matchmaking. She says: “I wouldn’t have gotten this far without being a bitch and bossing up.” Similar, to Nicki Minaj’s exclamation, that when a man is bossing up, he’s being a boss, and when a woman bosses up, she’s being a bitch. Maureen Tara Nelson and Nicki Minaj have a lot in common here, they’re both women in a male-driven industry and must make sacrifices to achieve success.

MTN Matchmaking thinks it’s unfair that women are labeled bitches for behaving in the same way men do in their careers.

However, when it comes to relationships, Nelson tells strong women all the time, no matter how boss-like you are at work… when you leave work you need to show your soft and loving side to attract men. She’s not saying to not be yourself, she just wants you to open up and relax. The office is the place for the bitchiness, but not the dating world. Men don’t like bitches, plain and simple. So, when you go on a date make sure to soften up and let it flow because if a man sees your work-mode personality, he will be averted. Men tell her all the time that it’s easy for them to leave their work-mode at the office, and Nelson is just saying we need to be able to do the same thing.

MTN Matchmaking is here to work with you. If you’re an office-bitch, call 1-888-31-MATCH, and come in for a free consultation. We have dating coaching, to learn better ways to date, and compatibility and personality assessments to ensure that you find your soulmate.



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