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“Whenever I’m deciding on what to wear, my boyfriend gives me no help. I understand his lack of interest in fashion, but I pay attention to his sports. Is there some way I can get him to compromise and take notice of my interests?” (Female, 28, Long Island)


Right off the bat–If he isn’t ready to simply pay attention to your interests, he might not be for you.

It’s really not that hard to quickly take interest in something you’re not interested in, just to make your partner happy. We all have to do it; you even do it with the sports, and that’s honestly a telltale sign about how you approach this relationship, versus how he views it. I cannot stress enough how important it is to compromise in relationships, it keeps things fluid and makes you grow as a person. If he can’t step up to the plate, then you might have to walk away and find someone who truly values you.

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