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I’ve been with this guy on and off for about a year or two

” I’ve been with this guy on and off for about a year or two. We just hookup, but we both have feelings. We know we aren’t ready or looking for something serious, so what should I do if I still want to see him?”

(Anonymous, Long Island)

Friends with benefits are sometimes not always the greatest idea. You will eventually catch feelings, it’s inevitable. But you have to manage the time and intensity of your ‘visits’. Frequenting his apartment is a sure way to catch feelings. If you’re casually using his appliances and find yourself comfortable around him and his space, it might be time to find another partner. Friends with benefits are only a good idea if you both plan and promise that it’s just for convenience and nothing else. You can still be friends, just don’t let those friendship hangouts escalate to sex.

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Love, MTN

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