A Letter from MTN


To every single female that I know,


Happy Saturday singles! This Matchmaker has six appointments today and as your matchmaker, it is my job to do a very thorough screening process. I make sure every match I send you is compatible with you in three different ways.

If you get discouraged in my program, you let us know and we will call you and remind you of how beautiful you are, both inside and out. Or I will call your favorite match personally and ask them to trust my judgment and give you a chance. I have a fabulous team working with me that will help you during the entire dating process here.


What do I ask for in return?

Three things…

  1. Always stay positive (and if that gets hard, call or email us and we will help you with this)
  2. Always be open-minded (there may be times I need you to trust my judgment over your own and say yes to a match that you might not think is right for you based upon his or her photo. Just remember, when I do this for you, I someday might have to do this for you as well.
  3. Always be patient… Remember how dating was for you before you came to MTN Matchmaking? No one said dating is easy, but with our help, you’ll always be safe and be matched with great quality singles like yourself. If it gets hard to say patient, call us, because we want and can to help you. If I am in an appointment when you call, that’s what I have the greatest Matchmaking team in the business for. They can and will help you, just as I would. You need to let them!


When it comes to finding love, especially at MTN Matchmaking, the best advice I can give you is to never give up!!!

None of us know when the right person for you will be available… But when he or she is, you just need to be ready ❤️


Maureen Tara Nelson



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