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The Top 5 Things You Should Never Say on a First Date



Dating 101


  1. How Much Money Do You Make?
    Ladies, please never, ever ask this question. All guys will be turned off by this. This is considered to be the most frequent complaint I hear from men on a daily basis and one of the biggest reasons why they come to MTN Matchmaking! Here every one of our clients is financially stable so this will never be a concern when meeting someone for the first time.
  2. Do You Want to Have Children?
    Many ladies make this common mistake! Guys are not thinking of having a child with anyone that they are meeting for the first time. This is way too soon! Also, if you are a member of MTN Matchmaking Inc. this question will never be a concern since we are matching you based upon your prerequisites along with being compatible, so you will never need to worry about this.
  3. How Much Do You Weigh? How Tall are You?
    Guys, please never ask a girl how much they weigh. Admit it guys, you have all done this before and blew it! But please, nothing positive can come out of this question. And for you ladies, NEVER ask a guy how tall they are. Both of these questions are equally extremely offensive and should NEVER be asked!
  4. Never Discuss Sex!
    This is only the first date; never bring up the topic of sex under any circumstances. This is routinely done with Internet Dating and ruins the date every time! Do not even allude to anything regarding sex or the topic of sex! Use this time to get to know each other and see if you are compatible. Chemistry is equally important; however, you need to be compatible first for this to turn into a successful date that could lead to a relationship.
  5. Never Discuss Politics!
    There are so many interesting questions and topics you can bring up on the first date to get to know someone; politics is never one of them. In today’s world, this is an extremely sensitive topic of discussion that most likely will lead to a negative outcome. Also, along the same lines, never bring up religion! Both of these topics are off-limits!



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