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Maureen Tara Nelson, Owner


MTN Matchmaking, Inc.
Matchmaker • Dating coach • Singles Advice Columnist
14 Years experience
Over 1000 Success Stories
1500 Of The Best Singles on LI & NYC



This Matchmaking/Dating Service is very different and has a proven track record of success. Contact MTN Matchmaking in Long Island (Now with two convenient locations- Melville & Syosset), Manhattan and New Jersey, for your confidential appointment and information on their Private, Upscale, Matchmaking Service. Maureen Tara Nelson is the first Matchmaker that has always believed in the importance of showing you photos before you meet your date, (therefore, no blind dating as in other services.)  MTN has the most experience, 14 years of successful matching clients, the highest rate of success, with over 1000 Success Stories, with over 1500 of the BEST Singles in the Tri-State Area. NO ONE, comes close to that record. In addition, MTN Matchmaking is also the safest Matchmaking Service by providing a thorough screening process; because of this, it is much safer and more effective than Internet dating!


We won again Best Of from LIPress
on Long Island 6 years in a row!


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Servicing all Quality Singles from Long Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey

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Relationship Compatibility
“People are now more aware of how important compatibility is to a successful relationship,” MTN says. "My expertise is in finding the right person for you, who you will also be compatible with!  And here you will see your matches PHOTOS before accepting a date with them! Therefore, you will also know ahead of time if you have Chemistry with the person.  For any relationship to last and be successful, you need both - Compatibility and Chemistry.  With our program, you will have both, which will make it faster and easier to find your perfect partner." Contact us in Long Island, New York, or  New Jersey for your complimentary, private consultation -

CALL 631-577-7940 Monday - Friday.


This month's favorite comments from our actual clients...

"Dear Maureen, How do I properly thank someone who went above and beyond for me from the beginning until the day I told her I am getting engaged? I would like everyone Single to know, if you are a very busy guy and do not have time for the games on the Internet, and are looking for a lady with beauty and brains, then call Maureen Tara Nelson. I met the most beautiful women and have remained friends with many of them. I did take Maureen's advice and give most a chance. I could not have ever met such amazing singles on my own. Thank you Maureen for being so professional and upbeat during my dating process. I will refer all my friends to you. Best to you!" Chad

From our recent success story (I love this celebrity guy)..."Dear Maureen, I would like to thank you for everything you have done in pursuit of finding me a wife. From the beginning interview, coming to my office because you knew my concerns of keeping my personal life private, to offering me a program where my privacy was protected, and introducing me to many beautiful and intelligent ladies which I did not have the exposure to meeting on my own, and making sure each one... was compatible to me and had my prerequisites that we had gone over in detail, for answering all of my questions and concerns during the dating process and Lastly, finding me the perfect girl whom I love with all my heart and who loves me.
This was the greatest six months of my life. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for delivering even more than I had ever expected. Not only did you do all this and made it look easy, which I know it wasn't, but at a fraction of the cost of the matchmakers in Manhattan that I checked out before seeing you. Thank you. T."

"Good Morning Ladies,

I like to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to Maureen and her staff. My experiences with the dating service has been nothing short of outstanding. The office staff is always there to answer my calls, and I'm currently dating a super amazing woman, thanks to Maureen. I am available as a reference point if you ever need me. Once again thank you for your time and courtesy." Michael 


Dear Fausto & Irene,

Thank you for your letter and photo. We are all so happy for you both! MTN

Dear Felice & Adam,

Thank you for the beautiful Thank You letter! We all wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! MTN


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